Miami Tennis Lessons is a Miami, South Florida based Tennis Lessons & Instruction outfit. We specialize in teaching all tennis player ages. Our primary teaching neighborhoods are around the North Miami Beach area.

Thank you for Visiting South Florida We are your premier connection to the world of Tennis in Miami. We specialize in teaching kids, teens and adults the wonderful game of Tennis in Miami by providing tennis lessons at affordable prices.

Our instructors have over 15 years of Tennis Instruction Experience with more than 10 years teaching kids, teens and adults.Offering adult tennis lessons as well as tennis lessons for kids and teens.

South Florida Tennis

It does not matter if you are a beginner or advanced tennis player, we cater to all levels and ages. Helping you learn the game of tennis the right way, while making sure you have fun, is our most important mission.

We quickly discovered that tennis players who show the most improvement are those who seem to be having the most fun, so we have tailored our private tennis lessons for fun.

We are simply put, the best value in South Florida Tennis, period. Give us a CALL TODAY and schedule a lesson.

We specialize in teaching Tennis players from all ages and skill levels. Some of our clients are seasoned tennis players looking for competitive tennis match play, while other are just getting their feet wet in the sport of Tennis.

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